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Transformational Leadership Research Papers

Walumbwa, Wang, Lawler,Shi

Overall: / 0
Title: The role of collective efficacy in the relations between transformational leadership and work outcomes
Author: Fred O. Walumbwa, Peng Wang, John J. Lawler and Kan shi
Journal: Journal of Occupational & Organizational Psychology
Published: 2004

Perer Gronn

Overall: / 0
Title: Leading for learning: Organizational transformation and the formation of leaders
Author: Peter Gronn
Journal: Journal of Management Developement
Published: April 1997 v16 n4 p274(10)


Overall: / 0
Title: Transformational Leadership
Author: Russell L. Ackoff
Journal: Strategy & Leadership
Published: Jan-Feb 1999 v27 i1 p20

Orlando, James

Overall: / 3
Title: A syncretical model of charismatic/transformational leadership
Author: Orlando Behling; James M. McFillen
Journal: Group & Organization Management
Published: June 1996 v21 n2 p163(29)

Tiina Hautala

Overall: / 0
Title: The effect of subordinates' personality on appraisal of transformational leadership
Author: Tiina Hautala
Journal: Journal of leadership & organizational studies
Published: 2005