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LMX Research Papers


Overall: / 17
Title: An examination of the multidimentionality of supervisor & subordinate perceptions of LMX
Author: Gary J. Greguras, John M. Ford
Journal: Journal of Occupational & Organizational Psychology
Published: 2006, 79 p(433-465)


Overall: / 0
Title: LMX and Organizational Communication Satisfaction in Multiple Contexts
Author: Bridget H Mueller, Jaesub Lee
Journal: Journal of Business Communication
Published: 2002 Vol 39 No 2 p(220)

Suazo,Turnley, Mai-Dalton

Overall: / 6
Title: Characteristics of the supervisor-subordinate relationship as predictors of psychological contract breach
Author: Mark M Suazo; William H Turnley; Renate R Mai-Dalton
Journal: Journal of Managerial Issues
Published: Fall 2008 v20 i3 p295